Galaxy International integrates trading services and various trading tools on one platform to provide opportunities for everyone, novices and experienced traders, to participate in this new financial transformation. We hope to promote the application of large-scale digital assets through our trading platform, and then promote this change. Our platform is a transparent and standardized platform, where users can calmly and confidently conduct a variety of digital asset transactions.

An intuitive digital trading market
A digital trading market with many innovative functions for encrypted asset transactions: safe and fast, highly malleable, and user-friendly. Galaxy International provides a simple trading tool for investors with different experiences in portfolio trading. In addition to adopting bank-level security standards and next-generation data security containers, Galaxy International also implements confidentiality and anonymity by using SSL to access HTTPS, two-factor authentication, and trusted IP management methods.

Next-generation enterprise accelerator platform
The Galaxy International Platform uses blockchain technology to conduct KYC and AML reviews through smart contracts. Every new investment portfolio will undergo strict screening. With complete and convenient tools, it complies with industry standards ERC20 and Galaxy International Token Trading Terms, and the release of Galaxy International is also related to whether Galaxy International can successfully obtain the corresponding qualifications in its legal jurisdiction.

Investment diversification
Cultivate a new generation of traders who have their own unique portfolios of multiple digital assets managed by them. Users can make full use of the platform's community trading functions and learn the active, passive or diversified investment strategies of successful traders, thus forming their own multi-asset investment portfolio.

Our advantage



The interface of Galaxy International Platform is simple, its design is full of style and vitality, and it is convenient and intuitive.



Our goal is to build the Galaxy International Platform into a next-generation trading platform that is at the forefront of the industry.




Transparency is a core principle of Galaxy International. To this end, we introduce technology to provide users with the most transparent operation services in real time.
    GIBA White Paper
    We are happy to share with you the white paper of the Galaxy International Trading Platform. This white paper introduces our technical advantages in detail, and explains the great changes in the current Internet. Let us learn more!
      our team
      We have formed a cross-field core team. With their rich skills and experience, they guide the strategic planning, development and operation of Galaxy International Platform. This team includes experts in encrypted digital asset transactions, blockchain software engineers, management consulting experts, and a board of directors with experienced real-world financial services experts
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        Not just an idea
        At present, the bank's international trading platform has cooperated with financial institutions and large enterprises in many countries, and gradually circulates the trading ecological applications of various countries, allowing data to merge with each other and create a more complete and rich trading ecosystem! Let all users around the world enjoy the convenience and trust brought by the blockchain!

        Maximize the potential of blockchain

        Galaxy International uses the most efficient and advanced blockchain technology to ensure that quotes and transactions can be effectively matched and operated. In addition, through historical trading and future trend analysis tools, we will constantly monitor and strengthen other key trading functions.

        Great opportunity and mission Galaxy International is committed to helping users achieve their financial goals. Galaxy International allows users to more easily access network encryption or the real world economy and personalize the trading experience. We strive to provide a compliant, innovative and reliable environment, so that all user transaction needs can be met on this platform. We strive to be the benchmark for all trading platforms. Galaxy International takes its responsibilities seriously and will always be independent, objective and fair.


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